Max Almy & Teri Yarbrow
site-specific installations, paintings, projections

WHITE TARA  -  Plexiglass; Optical Nano Technology Film & Projection 60” x 60”  Currents 2014

BLUE TARA  -  Etched Glass; Optical Nano Technology Film & Projection 48” x 48” 

White Tara” and “Blue Tara” are  works that explore the idea of a new type of mandala;  a radiant, translucent, animating, light filled mandala that combines ancient imagery with new media technology. In this new work, we are particularly drawn to exploring the reflective, refractive and luminous qualities of glass and light.  After creating several large mandala like works in copper, we are now using glass, plexiglass, video, and Optical Nano Technology film to push the visual and visceral presentation of the work even further, into a more brilliant, glowing and ecstatic experience.